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Fashion glitter applications, Fashion glitter products

Fashion Glitter Applications

Glitter for Fashion, Textiles & More

Glitter, glitter everywhere. You’ve seen it on the cat walks, in the stores and at the clubs and cocktail parties. Now you have found the source for your glitter design idea. Whether screened or flocked, Meadowbrook glitter is used to embellish textiles and accessories the world over. Polyester glitter is the product of choice for the fashion industry, and with Meadowbrook’s full line, you are sure to find the look that you envision.

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Polyester Glitter

The most popular Glitter line of brilliant mirror-finish metallic-colored "Metal-Flake" particles that are solvent resistant, UV resistant and heat resistant.

Plastic Glitter

High quality craft/decorative PVC Glitter available in sizes .015” Hex and larger.

Micronic Jewels

Ultra-thin, mirror-finish, metallic-colored polyester particles available in outer-dimension sizes a fine as .002" / fifty micron.


Transparent iridescent special-effect Glitters available in 30+ shades including cosmetic colors and solvent resistant varieties. Non-metallic.  Excellent for use dry or in water.

Alpha Jewels

(Holographic Glitter) Brilliantly prismatic metallic special effect Glitter with excellent solvent and temperature resistance properties.

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