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Printing Glitter Applications

Glitter for the Printing industry

For printing with plastisol, Polyester Jewels in size .008″ Hex is the popular choice.  For full-coverage, mix 15% Polyester Jewels .008″ Hex (48 colors to choose from) with 85% clear base and print through a 40 mesh screen.  UV printers prefer printing size .004 x .004″ through a 110.  Please verify your screen opening and please request samples for trial.

Colors of polyester glitter, color cards

Polyester Glitter

The most popular Glitter line of brilliant mirror-finish metallic-colored “Metal-Flake” particles that are solvent resistant, UV resistant and heat resistant.

Micronic jewels glitter, micronic glitter color cards

Micronic Jewels

Ultra-thin, mirror-finish, metallic-colored polyester particles available in outer-dimension sizes a fine as .002" / fifty micron.

crystalina glitter color cards


Transparent iridescent special-effect Glitters available in 30+ shades including cosmetic colors and solvent resistant varieties. Non-metallic.  Excellent for use dry or in water.

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