Angelina Fiber - Optical & Technical Special Effect Fibers

Angelina® Fiber

Optical & Technical Special Effect Fibers

As they break, scatter and reflect light, diamonds, metals and crystals in Angelina Fiber become a source of inspiration and beauty.

Revolutionary and super-soft, Angelina® staple fibers create new luminescent highlights which are not possible with metallic filament yarns.

Angelina® Fibers also include technical fibers ranges with performance features for industrial uses.

Angelina Staple Fibers

Angelina® Staple Fibers

  • Suitable for all SPINNING systems and NONWOVENS
  • Staple lengths and deniers manufactured to order
  • Available in straight and crimped versions
  • END USE is only limited by one’s imagination
  • Spun worldwide
Polyester Special Effect Fibers, Polyester Angelina Fiber

Angelina® Polyester Fibers

Optical Special Effect and Performance Staple Fibers
Color and light dance across textiles with sophisticated subtleness and softness without the harshness and monotonous regularity of continuous metallic filament yarns. The new way to put light into fabrics.

Technical Performance Fibers, Technical Performance Angelina Fiber

Angelina® Tech Fibers

Optical & Technical Effect Fibers with Performance – Wellness Features for Yarn Spinning and Non-Wovens

Meadowbrook Inventions produces a wide range of technical and performance fibers for multiple industries.

Specialty Angelina® Fibers

Specialty Angelina® Fibers

Technical and performance fibers for industrial, automotive, and contract markets…

Please contact us for more information on our product ranges and your requirements.

Heat Fusible Special Effect Fibers, Heat Fusible Angelina Fiber

Angelina® Heat Fusible Fibers

For Fiber Arts & Crafts
Angelina® Heat Fusible Fibers soften and fuse together using a heat source, such as an ordinary household iron, to form a luminescent, web-like material. Polyester based Angelina will adhere only to itself and not to other fibers, tissue paper or fabrics.

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