Sequins, Fringe, Ribbon & More

Sequins, Fringe, Ribbon & More

Manufacturer of Fashion Products

Meadowbrook manufactures a wide range of additional products other than glitter:

  • Sequins – Meadowbrook is the largest domestic manufacturer of sequins in the USA, offering an extensive variety of innovative top quality sequins for a global audience.
  • Fringe – Classic and very innovative styles
  • Ribbon – Classic and custom patterns
blue sequins


Meadowbrook Inventions, Inc. – The largest domestic manufacturer of sequins in the USA – offers an extensive variety of innovative, top quality sequins for a global audience. Meadowbrook’s unique ranges include incredible varieties of colors, materials and sizes.

Metallic, transparent, crystal, iridescent, opaque, matte, liquid, leather, true metal, wood, tortoise, denim, moonbeams, printed…to name a few. Meadowbrook prides itself on its quality using superior pigments and raw materials. Our easy care sequins are fade-resistant, scratch resistant and equally spaced. Meadowbrook’s sequins are washable and/or dry-cleanable.

Meadowbrook’s sequins are produced:

  • Loose in bulk quantities (by the pound or kilo)
  • Slung on thread
  • Loose on thread
  • Spaced on yarn for knitting or weaving
  • In tape form for embroidery machines

Innovations include:

  • Computerized Slung Sequins (mixed materials and colors, available in fixed or
    random patterns)
  • Patented Single-line Stretch Sequins for use on stretch fabrics

For more information and minimum order requirements, please contact us.

Fringe & Ribbon
Rolls of ribbon

Fringe & Ribbon

Meadowbrook Inventions, Inc. manufactures precision cut fringe and banding in classic, novelty and custom ranges.

Our standard fringe lengths are 1, 2, 3, or 4 inches. Novelty cuts and designs as well as various needle lengths, widths and header sizes are available.  Materials include, but are not limited to, faux suede and leather, animal print, metallics, etc. Of the highest quality, many can be washed, dry-cleaned and even tumble dried. Metallic ribbons are produced in a variety of standard or custom patterns. Please contact us for more information.

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