alpha jewels color card

Holographic Glitter

Alpha Jewels

Alpha Jewels (holographic Glitter) is a prismatic holographic glitter created from metalized, embossed, polyester that reflects a rainbow of colors. This glitter is stable up to 275F, safe in UV, and stable in solvents.

Solvent-Safe-IconSolvents: Safe
Water: Not Safe
UV: Safe
Max. Temp: 135C / 275F

Alpha Jewels Color Card

Alpha Jewels Holographic Glitter is manufactured from prismatic holograms that appear to be tiny diamonds. Available in a variety of colors and particle sizes, Alpha Jewels are the special effect of choice for designers looking for maximum glitz and glam.  Great for epoxy floors, countertops and wall coverings, Random-Cut holographic Glitter is in stock for immediate delivery.

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