crystalina glitter color card

Crystalina Glitter


Meadowbrook’s line of transparent iridescent special-effect Glitters. Crystalina Glitter is available in over thirty shades including cosmetic colors and solvent resistant varieties. Non-metallic.

Crystalina 300 Series:
Solvent-Safe-IconSolvents: Not Safe
Water: Safe
UV: Safe
Max. Temp: 107C / 225F
Crystalina 400 Series:
Solvent-Safe-IconSolvents: Safe
Water: Safe
UV: Safe
Max. Temp: 177C / 350F

Crystalina Glitter Color Card

Crystalina is Meadowbrook’s line of transparent / iridescent Glitter.  Gaining color travel special effects from the diffraction of light between the many layers of within each particle, Crystalina Glitter iridescence is similar to the color effect of iris butterfly wings.  Available in both decorative (Crystalina 300 series) and solvent-resistant (Crystalina 400 series) grades, Crystalina Glitter sizes range from .004 x .004″ (100 micron outer-dimension) to 1/8″.

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