plastic glitter color card

Plastic Glitter

Plastic Jewels / PVC Glitter

Meadowbrook’s Plastic Jewels PVC Plastic Glitter is High quality craft/decorative Glitter available in sizes .015” Hex and larger.   Ideal for craft, theatrical display, parade float design and confetti applications, Plastic Jewels PVC Glitter is available in most popular colors, sizes .015″ Hex and larger.

Solvent-Safe-IconSolvents: Not Safe
Water: Test
UV: Test
Max. Temp: 70C / 155F

Plastic Glitter Color Card

Meadowbrook’s Plastic Jewels PVC Plastic Glitter is the best value for larger particle decorative applications.  Plastic Jewels are the industry standard craft Glitter.  School supply companies all over the world trust Meadowbrook’s Plastic Jewels PVC Glitter in either bulk or packed in one pound jars, twelve jars to a case.  Available in the most popular colors.

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