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Data Sheet

Product Specifications

The data sheet below details specifications for Meadowbrook’s Glitter products. Please note that the data sheet should be used only as a guideline. All products must be tested by the purchaser to ensure that the materials purchased are suitable for the intended application.

Data Sheet

This Data Sheet may act as a guide as to the suitability for intended end-use in solvents, water, UV and temperature. Safe indicates high probability of successful use. X indicates probability of failure in the challenge category. Test means that results may vary. The end user is encouraged to test Meadowbrook Glitter samples for suitability in the intended application.
Max. Temp.
Biodegradable GlitterTestTestTestTest
Polyester GlitterSafeTestSafe135C / 275F
Crystalina 300 SeriesXSafeSafe107C / 225F
Crystalina 400 SeriesSafeSafeSafe177C / 350F
Alpha GlitterSafeXSafe135C / 275F
Cosmetic GlitterTestTestTest135C / 275F
Electric GlitterTestSafeTest135C / 275F
Micronic GlitterSafeTestSafe135C / 275F
Plastic GlitterXTestTest70C / 155F
Polyester PearlsSafeSafeSafe135C / 275F
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Glitter Information

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