Edible, Water-Soluble, Biodegradable Glitters

Oct 9, 2018

Edible glitter is trending everywhere these days – glitter in beer and lattes, on pizza and swirled into bagels. From a recent article from MSN.com, “The FDA has even released a statement in light of the trend, warning people to only use glitter that is marked edible on the package with a list of clearly stated ingredients.” Meadowbrook’s Randolph plant is an AIB food contact GMP facility, producing many types of water soluble, biodegradable and edible Glitters.

Meadowbrook Inventions offers a complete line of biodegradable glitter (Bio-Jewels™) in bulk quantities suitable for Crafts, Confetti, Makeup, and more! We offer sustainable, water-soluble glitters in both wholesale and small order quantities. Contact us today for availability and pricing of Bio-Jewels™.

For world-wide and eastern USA inquiries please call Joe Colleran at our Bernardsville, NJ office at 908-766-0606 or email joecolleran@meadowbrookglitter.com.  In the western USA please call Justin Latts at our Claremont California office:  626-683-9900.

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