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Biodegradable Glitter Launch an Instant Success

Jan 23, 2018

Thanks to increasing demand from the cosmetic and consumer products markets, Meadowbrook Inventions, Inc. has introduced a new line of biodegradable Glitters called Bio-Jewels™.  Meadowbrook, the inventor of modern Glitter and the world’s preeminent precision-cutter of film, foil and paper, enjoys decades of experience cutting sustainable, biodegradable, water soluble, and even edible films into all sizes and shapes of Glitter particles.  Until recently, these unique biodegradable Glitters, flitters, sparkle pigments, geometric pigments, combination pigments, visual cues and taggants were produced almost exclusively for proprietary projects of some of the world’s most prominent multi-national corporations.  Now, with the availability of Bio-Jewels, it’s easier than ever for small businesses to incorporate biodegradable Glitter into their own business plan.


From a recent National Geographic article“…while there is evidence of accumulation of microplastics in general and evidence of harm from lab studies, there is a lack of clear evidence specifically on glitter,” says Richard Thompson, a marine biologist at the University of Plymouth in western Britain and a leading expert on microplastics. “We have microplastic particles in around one third of the 500 fish we examined in the English Channel, but we did not find any glitter.”


One fact remains clear, Meadowbrook Inventions, Inc., Meadowbrook Glitter, is in the best position to assist you in your selection of the correct Glitter for your company.  If you feel that the product you manufacture may impact the environment, please contact Meadowbrook directly to learn more about the ideal Glitter, flitter, sparkle pigment, visual cue or taggant for your intended application.  Bio-Jewels™ may be the right choice for you.


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